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Clipex® Fencing

 In development for over 3 years, not only is the Clipex® TwinTip™ hot dip galvanised, it also incorporates ULTRA-SHIELD™, our proprietary outer coating exclusive to Clipex®, improving the below ground corrosion resistance.

Clipex® Sheep Yards

As a vertically integrated business Clipex® can engineer and build any yard set design working with you to create and build a yard that perfectly fits your operation. Clipex® can build into any existing yard or build a fully tailored solution that suits your needs.

Clipex® Cattle Yards

 The dedicated Clipex team of Solutions Specialists, Engineering and Installations experts at Clipex work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that our purpose-built turnkey solutions are tailored to meet their individual needs.

Australia’s leading fencing & animal handling provider


Clipex® Sheep Handler

Permanent Sheep Yards

Clipex® Auto Sheep Drafter

Semi-Permanent Sheep Yards

Clipex® Lamb Box

Sheep Handler Manual

Clipex® HD Cattle Crushes

Permanent Cattle Yards

HD2000 Crush Manual

Clipex® PGX Cattle Crushes

Semi-Permanent Cattle Yards

HD1500 Crush Manual

Compare Cattle Crushes

Animal Safety

PGX Crush Manual

Clipex® Fence Builder

Clipex® Wire

Clipex® Exclusion Overview

Clipex® TwinTip™ Fencing

Clipex® StayFast™ End Kits

Clipex® Exclusion – Tuffknot

Clipex® Fence Posts

Clipex® Gates

Clipex® Exclusion – S-Fence

Why choose Clipex®?

Proudly Australian Family Owned

Vertical integration is the backbone of Clipex. We oversee each and every step of the way – from designing and manufacturing, to supplying direct to you. That means we can provide you with purposefully made products at an unbeatable price. We also offer installation and Australia wide sales support and servicing. We are incredibly proud to be an Australian family owned business creating solutions for our fellow Aussies in the agricultural industry.

Don’t just take our word for it.

“My father said to me, one generation always tries to do something that is everlasting on a property so it will stay there and the next generations will say WOW and he said to me that this Clipex® exclusion fence will be my legacy. To every person that is sitting on the fence and contemplating it, I think the best thing to do is have a look at an exclusion fence. I was quite hesitant until I saw how good they were. I think the second that you see one and you see the benefits from this, you will not look back and you’ll be stoked with the results.”


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Galvanised 165cm 5 Slot Post

Galvanised 165cm 5 Slot Post

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