"Our Heart is a desire to deliver affordable innovation for every farmer, so that we can help lift burdens from as many people as possible" Founder - Ashley Olsson

"It's to Clipex's credit that they've come into the market and shown some real leadership I believe in making a product that is new and innovative." Will Roberts - Morven, QLD

"I think an important thing with Clipex is that it is family-owned. You can talk directly to the people who are innovative and making the products. It's a massive plus and driver for me to use the products" Damon Soster - Cassilis, NSW

  • Clipex innovation making a difference to Aussie farmers

    Clipex innovation is making a real difference to how Aussies farm. See what real farmers have to say about how Clipex has saved them time and money.

Fencing and Stockyards Online

Revolutionary Fencing

Revolutionary Fencing

Our clip-in shaped fencing pickets are more than 12 times faster than traditional methods of tying off. Combined with our Maxlife wire and innovative end assemblies, the Clipex fencing system is revolutionising the fencing industry.

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Sheep yards & Handling

heep yards & Handling

The CLIPEX SHEEP HANDLER is one of the most labour saving, ground breaking products in the sheep industry. In addition to the handler we offer some of the best value sheep yards and components that money can buy.

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Cattle Yards & Handling

Cattle Yards & handling

Whether its an entire set of cattle yards, a replacement cattle crush, cattle panels or just a yard component. Clipex has an exciting cattle handling range that is full of innovative products that offer unbelievable value for money.

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Interact with our sheep and cattle yards!

We've added a new 360° view for some of our sheep and cattle yards. You can now click and drag on some of the yards to get a better look. Try it out on the HD Cattle work area below. Just click on the picture and drag to see the work area from a different perspective.