About Us

Clipex is an Australian family owned company founded on change. We left our family farm in Goulburn, and started from scratch to make the easiest, fastest and strongest fencing system in the world. We have since designed built, tested and patented the Clipex product and the machinery that makes it.

We have experienced incredible personal change and taken huge risks. We set up our own plant in China, a foreign culture with a language we could not speak. We have walked along an incredible journey with many challenges and failures along the way. Yet we retained a resolute faith and passionate hope that we could deliver great change.

Here is a good example of change, when the first imported cars began to arrive from Japan in the sixties, they were ungraciously referred to as Jap **** ! Now most of us depend on these farm vehicles daily, due to their unrivalled excellence, quality and dependability.

The same is true of Clipex, there were sceptics, crying - "it's made in China!" The truth is that Clipex has proven itself hundreds of thousands of times over. It is an Australian innovation, developed and owned by an Australian family, delivering World leading technology and performance that benefits Australians. Our family has risked everything to finally deliver to you, the single biggest change in the Australian fencing industry in over 100 years.

  • Clipex is at least 10 times faster than traditional tying off methods.
  • Clipex Beefy posts are the largest and strongest Y posts available.
  • Clipex makes maintenance easier and faster than any other system.
  • Clipex reduces physical stress on your body and requires much less energy to install Clipex can be erected by anyone, including the elderly and children - with ease. Clipex is the ONLY fencing system that delivers all these changes.

And finally - Clipex is LESS expensive than you think.

We love supplying to you the unique and unmatched change that only Clipex can deliver, a change that is good, a change that brings value, a change that delivers time, a change that unshackles you, a change without compromise, a change that delivers greater strength, a change that increases the capacity for greater life, both yours and your fences.

We now know that Clipex has changed fencing history, for the first time in 100 years we are all released from the slavery of tying off wires, allowing more precious time for the things we love to do.

We trust you can also help us to continue delivering great change to our fellow Australian farmers, and I personally thank you for your support and desire to contribute and support the Australian farming industry. By nature, many people resist change without first trying it, I encourage you to try the Clipex change, you'll be glad you did.