The Clipex Story


Our Roots

Our story begins with Ashley Olsson. After finishing his Fitter and Machinist apprenticeship in 1985, 21 year-old Ashley assisted in the production, machinery design, fabrication, installation and maintenance for 4 factories in 3 states for “Olsson Salt” which was started by his grandfather. Two years later, Ashley changed direction to help his family manage their farm in Goulburn. It would be a few years later in 2006 that Ashley and his family would move full time to Royal Oak and run the farm full time.

Taking a Risk

On a cold cloudy day, Ashley was driving home to his farm in Goulburn when he saw an older farmer struggle with his old rusty fence. “There must be an easier way,” he thought.  And there was… Ashley was blessed that same day with an idea that would change farming forever. The concept for the Clipex fence post was born and fencing has never been faster or easier.

With a strong desire to change farming and help others, Ashley convinced his family to stop production on the farm and start from scratch. We all became committed to make the easiest, fastest and strongest fencing system in the world.


The Olsson Family

A Fencing revolution


Creating the best fencing system wasn’t easy. By 2008, the first Clipex posts with unique blue coatings were made. Ashley reflects on the challenging journey,

We first set up our wholly owned plant in China, a foreign culture with a language we could not speak. Yet we retained a resolute faith and passionate hope that we could deliver great change. Here is a good example of change, when the first imported cars began to arrive from Japan in the sixties, they were ungraciously referred to as Jap **** ! Now most of us depend on these farm vehicles daily, due to their unrivalled excellence, quality and dependability.

The same is true of Clipex. Although we faced some skeptics initially, Clipex fencing has proved to be up to 12 times faster than traditional tying-off methods.  The Clipex Beefy posts are the largest and strongest Y posts available. Clipex makes fencing maintenance easier and faster than any other fencing system.

More Clipex Innovation


Fortunately, our journey of innovation did not stop at fencing. We have continued to innovate by designing and developing our very own animal handling products, like our famous Clipex sheep handlers and cattle crushes.  

We also specialise in permanent yards for cattle, sheep or equine which can be built to your specification. We take great pride in being able to deliver purposefully built-to-last products engineered to perform










The value of Family


Our Clipex family has now expanded, and we are so proud of what we have been able to achieve.  It’s hard to believe the progress we have made over the years and we want to thank you for being on the journey with us.

Thank you for believing in us and believing in change. At Clipex we believe in true value, the value of family.

Galvanised 165cm 5 Slot Post

Galvanised 165cm 5 Slot Post

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