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Keep unwanted pressure off your fence with the CLIPEX® range of premium barb wire. Razor sharp barbs, reverse twisted or IOWA styled, no joins and a nylon ribbon carry handle for easier maneuvering. Featuring MAXLIFE™ and BLACKMAX™ zinc-alloy coatings and Australia’s strongest breaking strains, CLIPEX® barb wire will help you build one of the toughest fences available.

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Barb Wire Beginnings

The first patent for barbed wire was in in 1867 by Lucien Smith from Ohio. It quickly became one of the most popular ways of containing cattle. In 1880, across the North Atlantic in Belgium, Leo Leander Bekaert designed his own variation of barb wire. The idea grew into wire manufacturing company called Bekaert. With over 130 years experience, Bekaert continues to produce barb wire today, exclusively manufacturing for CLIPEX® in the Australian market.

Choosing the Right Barb

CLIPEX® offers two styles of barb wire. “IOWA” barb and HT or high tensile barb. “IOWA” is made from 2.5mm diameter low tensile wires. It’s much softer and easier to tie, has very little elasticity and is less adversely affected by grass fires. “IOWA” tends to sag slightly and is only recommended to be used with close fence post spacings. High tensile wire has a much higher breaking strain, is more elastic and is able to used with much further fence post spacings.

Product Code W-BW250LT-ML W-BW180HT-HG W-BW180HT-ML W-BW200HT-ML W-BW200HT-BM6
Description IOWA Barbed Wire 2.50mm LT 400m Maxlife 200 Barbed Wire 1.80mm HT 500m Heavy Gal Barbed Wire 1.80mm HT 500m Maxlife 200 Barbed Wire 2.0mm HT 500m Maxlife 200 Barbed Wire 2.0mm HT 500m Blackmax 600
Line Wire Coating Maxlife Heavy Gal Maxlife Maxlife Blackmax
Barb Coating Maxlife Heavy Gal Maxlife Maxlife Blackmax
Barb Spacing 10cm 10cm 10cm 10cm 10cm
Recommended Tension 1.3kn 1.3kn 1.3kn 1.6kn 1.6kn
Min Breaking Strain 3.2kn 4kn 4kn 5.4kn 5.4kn
Stock Pressure Low Tensile High Tensile High Tensile High Tensile High Tensile
Wire Roll Length 400m 500m 500m 500m 500m
Weight 42kg 28kg 28kg 36kg 36kg
Wire coatings

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