Crimp 3 in 1 Strainer Tool

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The EzeCrimp 3 in 1 strainer tool crimps, cuts and strips wire. Made for use with 2.5 mm, 3.15 mm and 4 mm barbed and electric fence wire, this is a handy all-round fencing tool. Light, compact and easy to use, this tool is durable if looked after properly. Regularly adjust and oil all moving parts with standard motor oil to prevent increased wear and the jaws from seizing.

Strongest way to joint wire

With convenient PVC grips on the handles for comfort, its over-centre lever uses a double action for exceptional strength. It can crimp 2.5 mm under gate or dual-wire cable to a hot wire, as well as two strands of wire together. An ideal tool for all electric fencing needs. Use its heat treated steel jaws to strip electric fence cable and it has the strength to remove fencing staples. EzeCrimp backs its products with a 2 year warranty, but it must be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

3 in 1 Crimp Strainer Tool
Product code W-CRIMP TOOL
Weight 1.3kg
Length 417mm
Handle total Width 120mm
Crimp width 68mm
Manufacturer Strainrite

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