Wire Crimp Joiners

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Wire crimp joiners are the strongest way to join two wires together. Available in sizes for smooth and barbed wire, they come in 2.5 mm to 4.0 mm for smooth wire, and 1.8 mm to 2 mm barbed wire. Made of tempered aluminium alloy, they are easy to use when you have to fix fences in all types of weather.

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Weather resistant strength for all wire joins

These crimps are weather resistant and can be used when working in all types of weather. They are also suitable tying off a strained wire in a new fence before removing the wire fence strainers. Wire crimp joiners give a fence join more strength than knotting the wire to tie it off. Crimps give the join a strength of 620 kilograms of force (kgf) where a figure 8 knot is only 470 kgf. With the breaking strain of a normal 2.5 mm wire being 620 kgf, using wire crimps makes the join as strong as the original fence.

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