Automatic Sheep Handling makes a World of Difference

100,000 sheep in 8 months, and Ben Priest is showing no sign of slowing down; at least now with the help of the Clipex Sheep Handler. Whilst it certainly gets the job done, Ben Priest testifies that it’s technology like the Clipex Sheep Handler which continues to bring confidence into livestock management.

Ben Priest, owner of a Livestock contracting business based in Coolamon was in the market for a sheep handler in January 2016 but didn’t know what to buy. He looked through options flicking through papers and wasn’t confident until meeting Clipex Wagga Branch Manager - Scott Franklin who told him about the Clipex Sheep Handler, where the capability of the machine stood out amongst other options. "We chose the Clipex sheep handler because it met our needs more than any other handler on the market." Since then the handler " has not just done everything we need to do with sheep, it’s also added to our business whilst saving us time and money."

Before owning the sheep handler, for Ben Priest, handling sheep meant running them through numerous times a day for jobs like crutching and tagging. This has all changed with the Clipex Sheep handler where "instead of having three processes for crutching, vaccinating and drenching, with the handler we can condense all tasks into one run and also weigh as well! Mr Priest says with the help of the Clipex sheep handler "what used to be a two day job now might take us a day to do" significantly assisting with time management and flexibility. "The machine can run up to 2500 - 3500 sheep per day depending on what’s involved."

Whilst owning the machine has meant reducing time, Mr Priest commented on how the machine is safer on the animals and also safer on himself as well. "The machine reduces stress on the sheep and it’s important to note how it’s positively contributing to animal welfare on the farm." "Owning the Sheep Handler has also meant minimising physical labour so that now I don’t have to fight sheep everyday."" As a business owner, this means that staff will stay on longer and sheep handling will be more enjoyable than what it has, making the decision to stay in the industry longer a confident one."

Now with the flexibility to do jobs at a lower cost, the Clipex sheep handler has the potential to increase returns for farmers and contractors with it’s time saving value. "With the Clipex machine you can prepare yourself for changes in the market and are able to make yourself more viable."

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