Keeping Track Now a Breeze - Featuring Matt McKenzie, NSW

Keeping up with the latest sheep handling technology has improved Matt McKenzie's sheep enterprise, while saving him time.Mr McKenzie, purchased a Clipex Sheep Handler to help with things like drafting and recording on his mixed farming property, "Loyola", Coonamble.

Depending on seasonal conditions, Mr McKenzie trades sheep to finish and sell through abattoirs on the saleyards. Basically he buys lambs, puts them on pasture and if needed, sends them through his opportunity feedlot to ensure they reach the weights of his desired markets.

Previously, Mr McKenzie said he'd been doing sheep work with an old set of scales. When he decided to increase the number of sheep he was trading, Mr McKenzie identified a need to keep track of his best performing animals, to assist in making marketing decisions.

The Clipex Sheep Handler was designed to make handling sheep quicker, easier and safer for farmers, especially for those working with large flocks. Whether sheep farmers are drafting, culling, performance measuring or doing simple jobs like crutching, the sheep handler can be of use as it's able to run through up to 800 sheep an hour. The machine also gives farmers access to a sheep's head, tail and belly, meaning they can quickly crutch or drench a sheep if needed. Since purchasing the automatic sheep handler, Mr McKenzie said it had been a big help in making marketing decisions.

He was now able to determine things like whether or not he needs to send lambs through the feedlot. "It helps determine whether the lambs are performing how I'd like them to and if they're under-performing, I can understand why," he said.

With the help of electronic identification tags and a Tru-test scales sytem, Mr McKenzie has been able to send his sheep through the handler and automatically record individual weight gain, weight and flock averages. Mr McKenzie said having the information recorded takes out error and makes it easier to review. The system can determine how much weight lambs are putting on a day. This has allowed Mr McKenzie to make informed decisions on when and where to sell lambs.

Written By: Amelia Williams - The Land

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