There is no denying that fences are an essential infrastructure on any farming property and to most farmers they can be a significant investment. However, if farmers choose the right fence, they can reap the increased productivity benefits that withstand the test of time as well as seeing a return on their investment.

Whilst many products and materials have changed in the fencing business it has taken an Aussie man on the land to invent a revolutionary fencing system and in doing so, has changed the whole industry. Ten years ago, on a family farm in rural NSW, Ashley Olsson had a simple idea for a clip-in fence post, eliminating the struggle of tying off heavy wire. While it was initially designed to save time, Ashley and his four boys had no idea how much this simple concept would revolutionize the way Australia does fencing and increasingly around the world. Ten years on, thousands of Aussie farmers are now trading in "tying off" for "clipping in" and appreciating the substantial benefits to their grazing operations.

With the revolutionary Clipex fencing system, farmers can finally keep their money where it belongs, in their pockets, saving users time and labour when erecting a Clipex fence. In addition, farmers are witnessing visible ground improvements, after rain, as they are now able to lock up and protect valuable pasture for the first time in decades.

A case in point, When Frank McKillop, sheep producer in Marra Creek, NSW, concluded that he needed to gain back grazing control to increase his livestock capacity, he decided to install Clipex's feral fence. Mr McKillop saw dramatic improvements to his country increasing from 60% to 80% - 90% ground cover.

"After the first shower of rain, the response was incredible because it just wasn't overgrazed", Frank McKillop says.

Having concluded that the only way to relieve grazing pressure from wildlife was through exclusion, Frank McKillop began the first block of installing 25km of fencing with his son Bill, three years ago, which now covers 7000 acres. Since then, Mr McKillip's Clipex fence, with the added benefit of laying good foundations and by solving initial problems with his son like using wire cable across the top to suspend the Tuff KnotTM wire over creek crossings, has meant that their fence line has been completely feral proof. "We are just so much better off." Says Frank McKillop

Clipex's founder Ashley Olsson assures landholders that they can have confidence that when they install a Clipex fence they are investing in one of the best fences available.

"We asked the question, how could we build the best product, for the best price?" With this mindset we have brought innovation to the industry by delivering leading fencing solutions to the farmer, which are safe, easy and reliable.

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