Permanent Yards Put to the Test

Running primarily a grazing operation with fat lambs and beef cattle, Nick Cobcroft

from Young, NSW is an 8th generation Aussie farmer who has been in the game for over 25 years. Operating in Young for over 15 years, Nick Cobroft’s property - Highbank came with an old set of timber cattle yards which had, in the last few years, become a OWS disaster. With panels beginning to rot, the danger imposed on himself and his family, whilst completing simple weighing and preg-testing tasks, lead to Nick searching the market for a new set of cattle yards.

“If we're doing cattle work it was a tough chore. No one actually liked doing cattle work if you didn't actually have too. A lot of panels would rot and break and cattle weren't easy to flow through. We didn’t weigh as often as we liked because it was a task that just took a lot longer to process cattle.”

After speaking with the Clipex team and seeing their products at Agquip, Nick decided to give automated cattle handling a go and now testifies to just how easy cattle handling can be with a set of Clipex cattle yards. “Once we had set up the auto draft, steers ran through in about a third of the time compared with the old yards.”

“It’s a lot quicker, and a lot easier. No one is in a position where they would get hurt because they're having to get in and push cattle. I like the design, I like the team and the quality of the workmanship is great. The U-shape race makes cattle flow really well and the auto draft works an absolute treat! It is also easy to catch cows in the head bail, so it’s been a great system.

“If anyone is looking to purchase yards definitely come to Clipex to have a look.”

“At the end of the day it was a good product for us and it came down to what the product was and compared to competitors it is priced very competitively.”

Written By: Louise Olsson, - Clipex

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