Every year farm related deaths and injuries account for more than a quarter of all work related deaths in the Australian workforce. However most of these deaths and injuries are preventable. The agricultural industry has been deemed one of our most dangerous, so how can Australia combat against these preventable accidents? According to Safe Work Australia, the most common cause of hospitalizations is due to agricultural machinery, followed by 10% of injuries caused by being struck by livestock. With such staggering figures, using the right equipment and having safe procedures in place are imperative for all Australian farms.

Making the farm a safer working environment takes somes measures but some of the most important elements to look out for when upgrading livestock equipment is whether they tick the four boxes: safe, reliable, efficient and affordable. Working hard to bring innovation to the agricultural industry, Clipex cattle crushes have been designed to consider the safety and ease of handling livestock with genuine features that last longer such as hot dip galvanising to ensure the durability of the crushes and squeeze entry angle.

Having a safer work environment not only reduces the risk to farmers of serious injury or even death when handling livestock, it also produces better productivity, according to WorkCover NSW. Some of the leading causes of serious injuries and fatalities are due to poorly designed yards, unsafe animal handling practices, bad-tempered animals and inadequate training. “Upgrading yard systems and producing safe work practices seems to come down to innovation and realising the potential danger with old yard systems”, John Linnan, Clipex Animal Handling Manager says, and “ Clipex will provide safe solutions with specialised advice when implementing safety on the farm and this will help reduce the dreadful injury toll to farmer. Having experience in the livestock industry, and hearing stories from farmers coming into store with injuries they have personally encountered, only highlights the importance.”

One of their leading products, the Clipex Sheep Handler ensures the safety of both the user and the sheep by doing all the handling for you using the 3-way fully automatic draft. ‘As rates of injury due to sheep and cattle farming still haven’t declined, Clipex’ ability to provide innovative solutions to sheep and cattle handling will secure the health, safety and productiveness of farms and hopefully reduce that statistic’ Louise Olsson, Marketing Manager says. By targeting these high risk areas when working with livestock and taking the necessary action to create a safe working environment, this will ensure longevity in the industry for all.

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