Technology is a Life Saver for Farmers

IN THIS day and age, when technology is an ever-present part of our lives, automatic sheep handling is the way of the future.

At a come and try day hosted by the White family just south of Surat, sheep farmers were able to get a live demonstration and an up close look at the newest technologies on the market.

Tamara White has been back on her family’s property for a year or so now and said the improvements that the automatic handling machine has delivered after being installed recently have been phenomenal.

"You can definitely tell the difference straight away," she said.

"On our first go using the automatic handling machine we were able to process 233 sheep in an hour and a half.

"When we were doing it by hand it would take dad and myself five or six hours to process 100 sheep, which is obviously a huge improvement and will only continue to get better as we become more familiar with the machine.

"There are always going to be things to sort out, but the potential automatic handling machines provide means we are only just beginning to see the possibilities.

"We are currently just using the machine to weigh and draft the sheep but as time goes on we hope to get more uses out of it."

Tamara and her mother Gai believe the new system will take the pressure off the most physically demanding parts of the sheep processing operation.

"The process has not changed, but we are no longer wrestling the sheep that can be half my weight or more which can only be a good thing," Tamara said.

Written By: Laura Telford

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