The Clipex Crush Pulls it's Weight - Featuring Rob Herry, VIC

Working hard to bring innovation to the agricultural industry, Clipex cattle crushes have been designed to consider the safe and easy handling of livestock with genuine features that last longer such as hot dip galvanising to ensure the durability of the crushes and squeeze entry angle providing a smooth path for small animals with limited and reduced light paths.

Rob Herry, has contributed some of this success by updating his operations with the latest technology available on the market and the results have made a clear difference. “The days of the old, noisy crush have gone. We did get so much mileage out of the old one, but when there is more weld than original steel, enough is enough. The new Clipex crush is longer, higher and heavier than the old one, so we had to start by lowering the concrete floor. This alone was a two day job, by the time we cut out all the old concrete and dug down to the right level for the base. When I say “we” I mean Tom! The concrete was poured and the Clipex crush was then eased into position and bolted to the weigh bars. Unwrapping the control box that hangs off a huge multi hinged arm, I was like a kid at Christmas!

The old crush only had two buttons, it was like me, fairly simple. Our new Clipex crush, at first, looked like something from mission control, buttons everywhere. It even has a remote mechanism. A steep learning curve began and the new Clipex crush was fully operational. We had Chris Haeusler from Clipex come out to commission the crush and he was brilliant at showing us how to use all of its innovative technology and functions. Over the last few weeks we have put through over a thousand head and the nerves have well and truly gone as I am catching them all, well almost all, I soon get told if I miss one. This new Clipex crush helps a lot, as I can use the remote to let out and automatically let in animals. It is so much quieter as it is pneumatic and the cattle seem to want to keep moving to it and through it. Within the next month we will have set up a new drafting system out the front of the crush, that will all be connected back to the control box and allow me to draft cattle remotely, up to five ways.

Written By: Lucy Gubbins - Te Mania Angus
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