Modern technology in sheep handling does not just mean saving you time and money – it also means saving you a lot of the physical hardships that come with sheep handling work. With the average age of the farmer being 53, the labour involved with sheep handling work equates to some serious tolls on the health of many, and the resounding solution continues to point towards automated sheep handling. One of the first to switch to automated sheep handling, Graeme Golder, testifies that the Clipex® Sheep Handler has become a major factor in reducing the intensive labour involved in sheep work on the farm.

Purchasing the Clipex® sheep handler almost three years ago, Graeme Golder, owner of Kegra Border Leicester Stud in Temora, was in the market for a solution to make the job easier. Originally hearing about the new release of the Clipex® Sheep Handler at an Agquip field day and seeing the machine himself through an organised on farm demonstration, Mr Golder ordered one of the first Clipex® Sheep Handlers to arrive in the country.

Three years on, Mr Golder has been able to fully benefit from switching to automated sheep handling. "We were looking for ways to make it easier and the Clipex® Sheep Handler definitely helps with old age." Mr Golder explains. "With a good lead up race we are able to crutch, vaccinate, drench, weigh and tag 170 sheep an hour all in one go." After wrestling with the investment initially, Graeme now looks back and testifies that, "It has become a worthwhile investment by taking the physical work out of sheep handling."

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