HD Cattle Air Drafter

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HD Cattle Air Drafter

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Draft stock with ease

The cattle air drafter comes with two power options - simple manual levers, or pneumatic powered (compressed air). The pneumatic option is operated via toggle switches on the 1500 or 2000 series crush control panel making it simple for just one operator to control.

Autonomous Drafting

The autonomous upgrade on the 2000 series crush can save even more time and labour by controlling the drafter autonomously. Use a suitable weigh scale indicator to weigh and sort cattle up to 6 ways without lifting a finger.

Access Gate

The drafter has convenient access gates with single slam catches for easy access to handle the cattle, and shut tight when slammed behind you. This cattle air drafter adds flexible functionality to any Clipex® crush.

3 Way Drafter 5 Way Drafter Iconix draft support
Product Code CH-HDAD-3 CH-HDAD-5 CH-IX-ADC
Pnumatically operated Yes Yes ?
Weight 400 ? ?
Max. Draft options 3 ways 5 ways ?
Length 3.24m 5.45m ?
Internal Width 750mm 750mm ?
Amount of draft directions 3 5 ?
Front Access Gate Yes Yes ?

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