Man Gates

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Man gates have four options to complement the Allrounder, Yardsman, Studman and Cowboy cattle panels. Measuring over 2m high, these gates are high enough for a person to walk comfortably through. They weigh from between 32 kg up to 46 kg depending on the model.

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Put together in a snap

Super simple and quick to put together. All options have two sets of double lugs and two single lugs welded to the panel for inserting cattle pins to hold them together. It takes mere seconds to push cattle pins into the lugs on every panel and they are instantly ready to use. Man gate panels give workers easy access in and out of temporary yards while working stock without stock having the space to follow someone through.

Allrounder Man gate Yardsmen Man Gate Cowboy Man Gate Studman Man Gate
Product Code CH-MG40 CH-MG71 CH-MG60od CH-MG120
Style Allrounder Yardsmen Cowboy Studman
Internal width 750mm 750mm 750mm 750mm
Pin to Pin width 916.5mm 934mm 946mm 946mm
Weight 32kg 36kg 41kg 46kg
Top rail height 2267mm 2234mm 2214mm 2214mm
Internal height 2134mm 2134mm 2094mm 2094mm
Pin size 16mm 16mm 16mm 16mm
Pack size 5 5 5 5
Interal tube type 40x40 Tube 71 oval 60 OD 120 Oval
External frame type 40x40 Tube 50x50 tube 60 OD 60 OD
Frame Coating Pre-Gal Tube pre-Gal Tube Hot-Gal Tube Hot-gal tube
Internal tube coating Pre-Gal Tube Pre-Gal Tube Hot-Gal Tube Pre-Gal Tube
Cattle Rail Comparison

Made with 40 x 40 SHS. The Allrounder range is ideal for the budget conscious, but suitable for most stock applications.

The Yardsmen range uses 71 x 44 oval tube. An ideal balance of strength, cost, visibility and anti- bruise properties.

The best anti-bruising and highest visibility in the range. The 120 x 40 Studman range is design with stock safety in mind.

Overkill for most applications, the Cowboy range won’t let you down. 60 OD heavy wall pipe is nearly unbreakable.

Bruise Rating

The bruise rating is how likely the panel is to cause bruising to the animal when under pressure. An excellent rating is far less likely to cause bruising than an average rating.


The strength comparison is measured by how much force a single rail can take in the horizontal direction before permanent deformation. (Simulating stock pressure in the middle of the panel)


The visibility is the percentage of area the panel covers. Higher visibility means calmer cattle and better stock flow.


Weight of a total cattle panel. Heavier panels are less likely to move under stock pressure, but are less portable.

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