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Clipex® sliding gates suit Clipex® cattle crushes with a choice of half and fully sheeted panels and five options. Choose from 40 mm half sheeted, 50 mm and 60 OD mm fully sheeted, and heavy duty full and split sliding. All are right-hand side opening and have an auto lock function making them easy to use in a drafting system.

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Choice of 2 options

There is a sliding gate to suit your needs and equipment. Clipex® sliding gate designs fit all their equipment. The 40 x 40 mm, pre galvanised half sheet sliding gate has nylon rollers and weighs 55 kg. While the 50 x 50 mm sliding gate is fully sheeted with a hot-galvanised coating for durability and weighs 90 kg. It has full heavy duty stainless steel rollers to carry the extra weight.

Cattle visibilty

Choose the half-sheeted sliding gates when you want cattle to see what is happening on the other side. Half sheeted gates encourage cattle to move through them for a better, controlled flow without going through the gate. Use fully sheeted gates when you do not want cattle to see what is happening ahead. All sliding gates come with four pins and pin down points for added stability.

Standard slide Gate HD Slide Gate Cowboy Slide Gate Air Slider
Product Code CH-SG40 CH-SG50 CH-SG60OD CH-HDSG-AIR
Suits panel Allrounder All Panels Cowboy All Panels
Door Style Single slide Single slide Single slide Single slide
Sheeting Half Sheeted Fully Sheeted Fully Sheeted Fully Sheeted
Pnuematic Control N/A N/A N/A Yes
Internal width 72cm 72cm 72cm 75cm
Pin to Pin width 76cm 77cm 78.5cm 80cm
Total width open 188cm 196cm 197cm 203cm
Total width closed 112.3cm 117cm 117cm 127cm
Approximate weight 83kg 110kg 111kg 115kg
Total height 204.6cm 202.15cm 204.65cm 215cm
Pin size 16mm 16mm 16mm 16mm
Pack size 5 5 5 1
External frame Material 40x40 RHS 50x50 RHS 60OD 50x50 RHS
Steel Coating Pre-Gal Pre-Gal Pre-Gal Pre-Gal

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