welcome to the Clipex® fence builder

Build and get an estimate in minutes using our easy too use visual fence builder

How to use the builder

The Clipex fence builder is easy and intuitive to use.

Learn how to use builder by watching the instructional video below.

Step 1

Input your contact details including your name, email address and phone number.

Step 3

Add your first fence, and begin drawings your fence lines.

Step 5

Choose your fence style and application with dozens of variations to choose from.

Step 2

Input your address where you will be building your fences. Ensure the address is located in Australia.

Step 4

You can add gates anywhere along your fence line.

Step 6

You can create and Add another fence using a different style  or complete your estimation.

Harnessing the power of satellite imagery

Using google maps, the builder is able to quickly and accurately draw and estimate any fence line anywhere in Australia.

In the event you are unable to use your scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll past the builder, use the navigation bar on the right side of your browser to scroll up and down the page.

Desktop PC is reccomended to use the builder

For the best experience a desktop computer is recommended.

If using a mobile device, use your finger on the right hand side of the screen to scroll up and down the page. Scrolling on the map will not work when the map is activated.



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Galvanised 165cm 5 Slot Post

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