• Clipex innovation making a difference to Aussie farmers

    Clipex innovation is making a real difference to how Aussies farm. See what real farmers have to say about how Clipex has saved them time and money.

  • Jack Glasson - Exclusion Fencing Case Study

    Jack Glasson is one of the first farmers in Southern NSW to invest in exclusion fencing to keep wild dogs. He explains the benefits since putting up the boundary fence and his return on investment being better than expected.

  • Getting the Job Done with Clipex Cattle Yards

    No more dangerous back breaking work pushing cattle through a race. Now cattle handling has never been easier with Clipex cattle yards.

  • Sheep Handling Done the Easy Way

    Sheep Handling has never been easier with features like automatic drafting, catching and releasing means getting the jobs done a breeze.

  • Clipex exclusion fencing in Morven QLD

    Interviews with several farmers who put up Clipex steel wire exclusion fencing to keep out wild dogs in the town of Morven QLD. Featuring Will Roberts and his daughter Candice from Victoria Downs, Tim Williams from Banff Downs and Gary Nielson from Brunell.

  • Clipex 2000 Series Automated Vet Crush

    The CLIPEX 2000 series crush, is a hot dipped galvanised, pneumatic vet crush which can autonomously catch, weigh & draft cattle.

  • Clipex Permanent Cattle Yards - Nick Cobcroft Case Study

    Nick Cobcroft explains how he came to purchase and use a Clipex Permanent Cattle Yard System.

  • Clipex Sheep Handler - Jono Merriman Case Study

    Jono Merriman explains the benefits of using a Clipex Sheep Handler.

  • Frank McKillop - Exclusion Fencing Case Study

    Frank McKillop explains why he uses Clipex Exclusion Fencing and the benefits it has brought him and his family.

  • Terry Pitkin C200 Portable Yard - Case Study

    Terry explains why he chose to buy a C200 cattle yard and the benefits it has given him.

  • Clipex Fencing & Stockyards - 10 year anniversary

    Clipex Fencing & Stockyards - 10 year anniversary.