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Clipex® is one of Australia’s leading fencing suppliers. In 2008, we eliminated the need for tie wire with the introduction of our award-winning patented Clipex® clip design.  This enabled farmers to simply clip in their wires.

Since then we have developed our BlackMax™ and MaxLife™ wire coatings. These wire coatings last up to 6x longer than hot dip galvanised wire. Join the thousands of farmers who are switching to Clipex®. 

Lasts Longer

Exclusive Maxlife and Blackmax wire coatings that last up to 6 times longer than other premium wires. All Clipex® post are hot dip galvanised to min 600 g/m2. The wires are also not physically attached creating a true suspension fence.

This allows the wire to distribute load throughout the fence and to allow temperature changes to be distributed more evenly increasing their life span saving you money!


Clipex® posts use a unique high tensile design, with a unique patented process.

Combined with our patented strengthening plate, you truly are getting Australia’s best fence posts.

All fabricated line wires are high tensile, single vertical picket wires and a majority of wires clip into the post.


Clipex® is up to 12x faster connecting wires to posts than traditional tying off.

This means you can spend more time fishing with your kids, unless they’re grounded. Then just put up some more fences instead.


Deal direct with us! We design, manufacture and distribute all our products. This is our product and we have a vested interested to make sure you are looked after the whole way through.

Easily reusable

Clipex® solutions allow easier, more complete removal and re-use ability than any other system. This allows you to re-purpose your fence posts for a longer lifespan.


The whole Clipex® system, means less work to erect a fence. There is no tying off, no struggling with wire as it simply clips in. Easy end assembly installations with StayFast™ also help make the choice to fence with Clipex® an easy one.


Clipex® uses patented designs such as our strengthening plates, to ensure you are getting the latest technology. We specialise in bringing to market the latest solutions fencing has to offer.


All wire can be easily unclipped allowing easy post replacement, wire replacement and wire re-tensioning. Wires can be simply re-joined if broken without the need to cut ties or unclip. End assemblies can also be easily adjusted.

10 years on

  • Multiple awards won
  • Over 10 million fence posts sold
  • World wide distribution


Support Aussie home grown ingenuity and hard work. We promise we will continue to innovate  and to increase competition which leads to reduced costs, increase safety and to reduce burdens. With your support, we will continue to change the Australian fencing and animal handling landscape.

Clipex® Exclusion

Invest in a Clipex Fence today, reap the rewards for a lifetime

Galvanised 165cm 5 Slot Post

Galvanised 165cm 5 Slot Post

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