Hinge Joint

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Hinge Joint

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Hinge joint history

Hinge joint was first patented in 1896 by Albert Bates, a prolific inventor from Illinois who has more than 30 patents credited to his name. His hinge joint machine was the first to join all the line wires to picket wires in one operation, making it faster and cheaper to produce than any competing products. It was widely adopted because of its cost advantage and for that reason, it continues to be extremely popular today.

Hinge Joint Features

The CLIPEX® hinge joint range is manufactured by Bekeart to CLIPEX® specifications. The line wires are made with MAXLIFE™200 high tensile wire. The high tensile wire has superior elastic properties which allow the fence to flex with stock pressure and then spring back into shape. The top and bottom wire have a BLACKMAX™400 coating for even more corrosion resistance to prevent your fence from “rusting out” prematurely on the top or bottom.

7/90/30 Hinge Joint
Product Code W-HJ7-90-30
Number of Line Wires 7
Height 90cm
Space Between Picket Wires 30cm
Line Wires High Tensile MAXLIFE™200
Picket Wires Medium Tensile MAXLIFE™200
Top & Bottom Wire Coating BLACKMAX™400
Breaking Strain 3.2Kn (326Kg)
Stock Pressure Rating Medium
Standard Application Low-Medium pressure mixed grazing
Wire Roll Length 200m
Weight 78Kg
Wire coatings

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