Marchant Wire Cutters

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Marchant wire cutters make cutting any type of wire, including rusty old wire, of up to 4 mm safe and easy. Ergonomically designed, only the top of the handles are insulated for working safely with electric fences and the lower half is left as plain steel for tying off wire. With a return spring in the head, it minimises the effort expended to use it.

Australian made for Australian conditions

Australian made for Australian conditions by Ross Marchant, who designed the original air-driven post driver. This well-designed, simple to use, handy tool is the only small wire cutter with a grabbing jaw positioned behind the head for use in different situations. Its handles lock closed for easy storage in the belt holster included with the product, which makes it easy to have handy wherever on the property you are working.

Marchant Wire Cutters
Product Code MAR-WC
Weight 400g
Max. Wire Diameter 4mm

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