Puma Air Compressor

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Puma’s air compressors provide reliability and a choice power from a Honda petrol engine, or 240 V or 415 V mains power. With engine ratings from 6.5 hp to 13 hp, there is a Puma air compressor to suit all situations. Mains power models are suitable for workshops and the petrol engine model gives greater flexibility for offsite use where no mains power exists.

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Puma delivers top performing choices

Puma has delivered top performing choices in Australia for decades with its 240 V air compressors. Ideal for the home handyman, tradesperson and the farm, these models come with everything. All you need to do is plug in the unit and it is ready to use. Puma’s cast iron pump delivers long lasting durability. Choose from 10 amp or 15 amp motors, and high pressure or high airflow models for reliable performance to run your air tools.

Petrol power for portability around the farm

Powered by a genuine Honda GX series engine, Puma’s petrol models, renowned for reliability and fuel efficiency, are easy to start every time. Honda’s motor has a 3-year warranty and, coupled with Puma’s cast iron, long-lasting compressor, this model represents great value for the farm or in a workshop. With wheel or foot mounted models to choose from, Honda’s petrol power gives flexibility around the farm where no power exists.

Industrial Options

Puma’s new improved 415 V air compressor range are ideal for factory, industrial and commercial use. With its slow-revving, cast iron compressor pumps, these models deliver top performance and air delivery whenever you need it most. Fitted with a Teco motor available in 3 to 11 kW, this heavy-duty, stationary air compressor saves money as it runs efficiently 24/7, and uses less power while it silently does its job.

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