Speedrite Energizer

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Energise electric fences with a Speedrite energiser. Regardless of the area size to fence length, Speedrite has units for all situations and uses. These energisers are flexible, with single powered models that run from mains, battery or solar power, or are dual powered with power combinations to suit your needs. Larger energiser models have remote capability for instant control of mains powered electric fencing from anywhere while doing fence repairs.

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Powerful long-range capabilities

New Zealand built and designed, there is a Speedrite (http://www.speedrite.com/en-au) energiser model to suit all conditions and fence sizes. Larger models can energise up to 1600 ha or 620 km of fencing making them suitable for large electric fence systems. Or, choose from smaller battery or solar powered models for small fenced yards or temporary fencing. Speedrite delivers consistent performance using Bi-polar and Cyclic Wave™ technologies for consistent, permanent stock control. Bi-polar technology gives exceptional performance in dry, low conductive soils, while Cyclic Wave™ technology maintains a powerful electric pulse to provide powerful long-range capabilities to the far corners of fence lines.

Rugged for harsh conditions

Speedrite energisers deliver rugged, compact designs with the latest technologies embedded inside. Solar and battery-powered energiser models are suitable for taking on the road while travelling with stock in search of feed. Cyclic Wave™ technology minimises electromagnetic interference for superior continuous performance. The two large connector terminals on the front panel give easy access to connect the wires. Simple to adjust, the terminals have slots to feed the wire through for a great connection. Easy to read LED indicator lights measure power output for power diagnostics when there is a problem, and they turn red when running with a heavy power load.

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