Meet the woman who is leading the Ag Industry into safer and easier farming

The way we farm is changing, thanks to pioneers of the industry such as Jackie O’Brien – Senior Solutions Specialist at Clipex Fencing and Stockyards who is leading the industry into safer and easier animal handling. Based in Hamilton, Victoria, Jackie O’Brien was born and raised on a sheep and cattle farm in rural Victoria with 4 siblings and was raised independent and capable early on. From a young age, Jackie worked in shearing sheds and spent her days at saleyards with her father; an upbringing that shaped her into who she is today, a strong woman in Agriculture.


Now a mother of three and playing an active role in her local community, Jackie has made her mark as an industry expert when it comes to safe cattle and sheep handling and design. Accidently falling into the role with Clipex, Jackie quicky realized she had a talent for understanding the needs of her local community and some of the problems they were facing on the farm. Originally joining up to help support the local branch, Jackie could see that she could offer a lot more than what she was doing and became the first female solutions specialist for Clipex Australia four years ago. It didn’t take long for her to surpass her collogues in sales KPI’s who is now the top performing sales solution specialist for the entire country.


“I find it very easy to build rapport. I never stop saying hello to people and think it’s very important to be actively involved in the community, especially in the country. That’s how small rural communities run.”


By being able to work with farmers on a daily basis, Jackie is able to see how farming operations across Victoria can be done easier and safer with automated farming technology such as with the Clipex Sheep Handler.


“Becoming an expert is quite rewarding. I know my stuff and it’s incredible to watch how I can help farmers make their lives easier.”


Jackie attributes her success to how she was raised.


“You get out of it what you put in. If you are adaptable and willing to have a go at anything, it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, you can succeed.”

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Galvanised 165cm 5 Slot Post

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