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An evolution in medication delivery

We know the importance of finding the right balance between animal health and growth, as well as return on investment. With its unparalleled speed in automatic livestock medication delivery, data recording, weight based and fixed dosing, as well as robust design, the automed delivery device is the key to success.

automed dose rate1-second dose speed           automed automatic data captureAutomatic data recording       
automed weight based dosingWeight-based dosing            automed_deviceLight and robust design
The most compact and versatile delivery device, ever.

With the automed device, say goodbye to manual dosing, and hello to saving time, energy and money! The device has been designed and built with the user in mind. With its sleek, compact design, the delivery device is easy to hold and use. The delivery device connects to automed adapters for injection, oral and drench, pour-on and intra-nasal.

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